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WPI enjoys fun in the sun at the DDT Group summer outing


An annual summer outing is a tradition in many companies to give employees a much-deserved break from the daily grind. This 2019, Whiteport Inc. (WPI) enjoyed a different summer experience being part of a grand event organized by the DDT Group of Companies.


It was definitely more fun under the sun as WPI employees joined colleagues in DDT Konstract Inc. (DDTKI), Data Land Inc., Andres P. Tamayo Sr. Foundation Inc. (APTSFI), Agriwaras and DATAJ at the group summer outing at Whiterock Hotel and Beach Resort in Subic, Zambales last April 12 to 13.


Around 1,200 employees and their loved ones enjoyed the event, which is the first ever summer group summer outing bringing together the six companies under the DDT group.


Whiterock Hotel and Beach Resort was the perfect venue to accommodate the DDT employees, providing numerous venues and activities for rest and recreation, such as seven waterpark features including an inflatable waterpark. Everyone enjoyed sumptuous meals in three different restaurants—the Sunset Café, Pisahan Pavilion and Seaside Event Center.


The highlight of the summer outing was a fellowship night, where employees dressed up to the theme of the party—a musical and art festival patterned after Coachella, which is a well-known and popular annual festivity among today’s millennials.


The celebratory mood was set with an opening performance from two of the event hosts, Tikoy Chiu and Pokey. DDT group officials, led by DDTKI Human Resources and Administrative Manager Mr. Santiago Mersado Jr., DLI Sales Head Ms. Cheryl Higino and WPI Integrated Management System Assistant Arnold Dacumos, then welcomed everyone with some opening remarks. Everyone was entertained by a series of performances such as fire dancers, Sound Range musical band and singer Nisha Bedaña of The Voice Teen Philippines.


With the rare opportunity of having all six DDT Group companies together in one venue, a friendly cheering competition was organized as well as a dance contest that displayed the employees’ talents in different music genres such as K-pop, hip-hop, pop, rock and OPM. The Data Land group emerged as the overall champion, followed by WPI, DDTKI and APTSFI. Special awards such as Mr. and Ms. Coachella 2019 were selected, and the citations went to Mr. Ron Emmanuel Juan and Ms. Ma. Rodessa C. Lambino.


Hosts Tikoy Chiu and Pokey provided comic relief with a stand-up routine that left everyone in a happy mood. To end the evening, DDT Group of Companies Chairman and President, Engr. Danilo Tamayo, gave some closing remarks and thanked all employees for their continued dedication, commitment and passion in their respective companies.


This year truly proved to be a unique and memorable summer outing experience, not only for WPI but for the entire DDT Group—next year will be something to look forward to indeed!







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